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How To Care For Your String Instrument!

So, you've decided to take the plunge and rent or purchase that string instrument you or your child has been dreaming about. Old Town Music has some tips for making sure that your instrument stays in great condition so that it can provide you with years of enjoyment.

  • Release your bow hair whenever you're not playing your instrument. This prevents the bow from breaking and the hair from stretching.
  • Eventually the hair on your bow will start to come out and stretch. You should change the hair about once a year.
  • Avoid touching the hair of your bow. This will reduce the build up of oil and dirt on the hair. 
  • Remember, your bow is delicate, especially the tip, so it should only be used to play your instrument, not as a sword, magic wand, or even a page turner!
  • Too much Rosin causes a mess! Don't over do it. It can build up on the bridge, and it takes a lot of effort to clean off. Dust it every day.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. That means you should NOT leave your instrument in your car or in a storage unit or any place that experiences extreme cold or heat. We like to say, "If you wouldn't want to sleep there, neither does your instrument!"
  • If you notice a crack on your instrument, bring it in right away so that the crack doesn't grow or collect dirt. 
  • Strings do wear out. They begin to sound dead after awhile, and of course they can break. Be prepared and have extra strings on hand.
  • Quality strings will make a difference in how your instrument sounds. We recommend Thomastik Dominant Strings for students.
  • Most importantly, play your instrument every day. It sounds better with lots of use. Every day you eat is a day you should practice!

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